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Honey takes on the essence of the pollen it is derived from, creating a wide variety of nectars, each with their own distinct flavor, aroma and color.  Our focus is on creating small batches of single varietal meads that capture and enhance these characteristics.

Fresh, local, seasonal fruit, herbs and spices play with this varietal nature to create a completely new kind of drinking experience with wildly unique flavors.

While many producers treat mead more like a fresh cider or ale, Fringe Mead is set firmly in wine territory. Care is taken to procure the finest varietal and regional honeys, each with their own flavor profile. Then through a finesse fermentation and extended aging process, much like a fine white wine, these nuances are captured and preserved in the final product.

Along with the honey, we add only the ripest, juiciest fruit we can find from local farms.

While the common assumption is that meads are quite sweet (and many are), most of Fringe meads are fermented almost dry. This retains the original honey flavor and aroma while leaving just a hint of sweetness.

While we are constantly looking for premium, local Oregon honey to showcase our state's offerings, we are also exploring the best of other regions including orange blossom honey from California and tropical flower honey from Hawaii.

Like wine grapes and coffee beans, site-specific honey directly reflects its local terroir.  It takes its properties directly from the plant species in the area, weather patterns, and soil and air quality.

Our goal is to create a direct, personal connection with small producers who not only provide a variety of different honeys, but conduct sustainable practices that are in harmony with the bees and the environment. 

If this is you, and you have at least 200 lbs of unique, unusual or just plain amazing honey for sale,
contact us.


As I lay yonder in tall grass
A drunken bumble-bee went past
Delirious with honey toddy.
The golden sash about his body
Scarce kept it in his swollen belly
Distent with honeysuckle jelly.